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Iowa Expungements at a Fraction the Cost of an Attorney

Many expungements are straightforward and, with the proper forms, can be handled without an attorney at a fraction of the cost.

Lawyers typically charge $500 or more for an expungement, may take weeks to get around to your file, and never guarantee the results. But with ExpungementRights.com, you can check your eligibility and complete our automated expungement process and payment in under 2 minutes, for only $279—a fraction of the cost of a lawyer—all with a money-back guarantee. You’ll automatically receive your guaranteed expungement documents by email. All you have to do is print, sign, and send your documents for filing. It’s that easy.

Because we use the same court-accepted forms used by attorneys, we’ll give you a full refund if your expungement is denied, guaranteed. Check your eligibility to start your better future now.

Expungement Guarantee

Expungement Rights offers a money-back guarantee on all filed expungements. If your expungement is denied, we will fully refund the $279 purchase price.


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